Grasmere Lodge, New Zealand

Grasmere Lodge Location


Grasmere Lodge is tucked away in the heart of the Southern Alps of New Zealand

Grasmere Lodge is approximately 90 minutes drive from Christchurch city in the glorious South Island of New Zealand.

Christchurch is the gateway to the South Island and the magnificent Southern Alps.

Map of New Zealand locating Grasmere LodgeOur driving map is from 'Driving Scenic New Zealand, a Guide to Touring New Zealand by Road,' written by Dave Chowdhury and published by Craig Potton Publishing.

This is an excellent publication to have in the car, covering all the major driving routes, and pinpointing interesting places and landscapes between your likely destinations. It can be purchased directly from the publisher's website before you arrive in New Zealand.

State Highway 73 · Cass · Canterbury · Private Bag 55009 · Christchurch · New Zealand
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