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Grasmere Lodge Menus

Our menu changes daily, but one of our recent menus has been included below to give you an idea of the delicious food here at Grasmere.


A daily chef’s whim.  This is traditionally served both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse of the chef’s style.



Marlborough Salmon, green shell mussels & vegetables in a light tempura batter, with dipping sauces.


Grasmere Salad

Wild Puha ( watercress ), spinach, feta cheese, roasted Otago fruits & caramelised walnuts.


Camembert Wontons

One of the Chefs signature dishes! Camembert & fancy coconut in a crisp wonton, served with a spicy mango sauce.




Free range Chicken breast slices, braised with pickled lemon then simmered in a creamy spinach and garlic sauce, placed in a cocotte dish and covered with a cauliflower pastry  then lightly baked.


Calamari stuffed Prawn Risotto

First we make a creamy Prawn risotto, then fill the Calamari tube before lightly searing and baking.finished with a white wine deglaze and served with a summer salad. 


Pork Belly

Home smoked,Landowner honey braised pork belly, with buttered Quinoa And sautéed vegetables. 


Lamb Shank

Canterbury lamb shank, roasted and braised with eggplant, tomatoes, caramelised onions, garlic and Greek olives.


Pear Tuscan Tart

Home grown pears, raspberry jam and frangipani in a sweet pastry base.



An Italian classic....chocolate, coffee, mascarpone, liqueur...yum!



A delicious Greek dessert, with layers of egg custard, filo and fresh Otago Peaches.


Grasmere Affogato

Espresso Coffee, cream and your choice of gelato...served with handmade shortbread.