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Our Walking and Hiking Suggestions

Our staff all enjoy exploring this lovely region themselves, so there are some of their reports on local tracks.

Bridal Veil Walk

Track Grade Walking: Track
Walking Time 1½ Hour Return

Features: Mountain Beech, interpretation panels, Bridal Veil Falls, viewing lookouts down the valley.

Location: Turn onto Punchbowl road just north of the Chalet Restaurant. This short road ends in a carpark. A signpost here points the way.

Description: Bridal Veil Walk is a pleasant forest walk with mossy banks and chuckling creeks. 

After the first footbridge over the Bealey River, the track goes left through Mountain Beech forest. There is a view back to the village from a lookout, 15 minutes from the start of the track. 

Most of the track gradient is gentle, with a short steep section descending to cross Bridal Veil creek about half way along. 

Return the same way or via the road, to make a round trip.

Old Coach Road

Track Grade: Path
Walking Time 30 minutes return

Features: Wheelchair access, blind trail, historical route of Cobb and Co Coach.

Location: Starts at Greyneys shelter, 6km South of Arthur's Pass Village.

Description: This pleasant forest walk is suitable but challenging for young children and people using wheelchairs. It follows a gently graded section of the century-old coach road and leads back to the shelter on a more recent track. You can still see sections of old rockwalling along one part of the track. 

At the Northern end of the track is a rope handrail. You can use if for guidance, so shut your eyes, and use your other senses as you move through the forest.