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Walking & Hiking

The area around Grasmere Lodge has a wide range of walking options, offering a wonderful opportunity to explore the very best of the high country.

Tracks lead you through rich native forests, to waterfalls, alpine herb gardens, and mountaintops. It’s quite possible you’ll see no-one else on the track all day.

Hiking in winter is not a good idea unless you are experienced, sensible and well-equipped. The best hiking is when the weather is more settled and warmer (November – March), but into April and sometimes May we often have days that are calm and cloudless but cooler than summer, just made for stretching the legs.

Please remember the weather is very changeable in the mountains and it is essential to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return, and to take a windbreaker, rain jacket and warm clothing.

We ask guests to keep to marked trails, in order to protect smaller plants.

With thanks to the NZ Department of Conservation for some of this information.